Innovators and Researchers
The Gateway is the UK's portal for data discovery and tools for health research and innovation. With over 750 datasets listed, the Gateway can help you search and discover health datasets from across the UK, including exclusive datasets not available elsewhere.
Our vision for the Gateway is that it will be the primary go-to resource for discovering data, tools, best practice and collective knowledge and experience related to accessing resources to further health research.

The Gateway lists a broad range of health datasets in different disciplines from across the four nations of the UK – including data related to COVID-19, emergency care, cardiovascular, and maternal health and beyond. Datasets cover primary care, secondary care, acute care, palliative care, biobanks, research cohorts and deeply phenotyped cohorts with new datasets being added all the time. You can start searching for datasets here and use the filters to help discovery.

Many datasets listed on the Gateway have technical metadata to help you quickly understand whether it can be of use to you and your research. The metadata quality ratings give you a guide to the quality of the information about the datasets at a glance.

Beyond datasets: explore other health data related resources such as tools, papers, data uses and courses.

Data Access

On the Gateway, you can request access to datasets for your research easily. You can find guidance to help you consider all the aspects of your application before submission and you can contact the data custodian to discuss your requirements.

You can remotely collaborate with other research contributors when completing a Data Access Request and you can also request multiple datasets from a data custodian as part of a single access request, reducing duplication and ultimately saving you time.

Some datasets listed on the Gateway use an access request form based on the Office for National Statistics '5 Safes' framework. This is helping to establish best practice and helps you consider all the aspects of your application before submitting it.


The Gateway collections and categories curate and group resources around a particular area or theme to help you browse.

Via your account you can add your own health data resources to the Gateway such as research projects, tools and publications.

Resources can link to each other and you can also create your own collection to tie everything together.

How can I get involved?
  • Get started! Explore datasets listed on the Gateway and enquiry directly to data custodians for more information or data access.
  • Explore our community forum which allows you to connect with other Gateway users and join in broader conversations about health data research.
  • Sign up to our Gateway newsletter to stay up to date on new developments, datasets and events.

Emily Jefferson - Director, Health Informatics Centre and professor of Health Data Science, explains why the Gateway is useful for researchers: