Cohort Discovery Search Tool

Cohort Discovery is a new Gateway feature that will allow users to carry out a more specific search and assessment on datasets listed in the Gateway to improve the discovery of datasets. Using the tool users can search across multiple datasets to find cohorts (groups) of patients with specific, defined characteristics (e.g patients that don’t smoke aged between 18-30 and who live in England).

We hope the tool will save both researchers time in finding datasets they need for their research, and also save data custodians time, by minimising enquiries to them about the content of the datasets they hold.

Statistical disclosure control policies are in place by default by data custodians on the query results, so low numbers of patients will be excluded to minimise any potential risk of identification.


Accessing Cohort Discovery

  1. Sign up / Sign in to the Gateway
  2. Once signed in, access the Cohort Discovery Tool here (if you are signed in via Google or LinkedIn you will need to request access)