Data Utility Wizard Search Tool

As part of our mission to improve the discovery and access of datasets for the health research community, the Data Utility Wizard is now available to filter and improve accuracy of searches for health datasets through the HDR Innovation Gateway.

The new Data Utility Wizard allows users to narrow their search for datasets by answering a series of simple questions to discover datasets listed on the Gateway using specific criteria and filters. The filters are based on the Data Utility Framework developed by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)- find out more here or in the video below.


Accessing the Data Utility Wizard

You can access the tool via the ‘advanced search’ button below the search bar on the homepage and clicking 'search using data utility wizard'. Once the filters have been applied you can also save your search.

The Data Utility Wizard has been released in “beta” format and in line with our role to collaborate and convene the sector, looks forward to user feedback from the research community to develop and refine the tool. You can give feedback here.


Find out more

At our next Gateway Open Door, on 11 November, we will be demonstrating the recently launched Data Utility Tool and seeking initial thoughts, feedback and input to guide its future development.

We are really excited to be joined at this session by Flatiron Health, who aim “to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient.” Flatiron worked with the HDRUK team to provide early feedback on the Data Utility Wizard; in this session, Flatiron will share reflections on that collaboration, as well as learnings from their own work on data quality.

This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the development of the Gateway, the latest features and functionality, and how it is intrinsic to the realisation of our mission to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives.

Join us to find out more and get involved in the open discussion.