Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) Futures – free health data science training

Our new virtual learning platform offers free, expert-led courses to power up the skills of today’s health data scientists and to train the next generation.

Built round a growing library of short videos it will provide learning in everything from basic to specialist skills – with much that is ideal for Gateway users.

Find out more on the introductory web page or just register and explore.

HDR UK Futures is an excellent way for healthcare analysts to advance their skills and knowledge and thrive within the UK’s dynamic health and care system
Rony Arafin, CEO of Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA)
Learn from leading experts:

Videos are delivered by leaders from academia, industry and the NHS including:

HDR UK Futures will grow into an essential resource for health data scientists wanting to boost their skills, carry out better research and advance their careers
Sarah Cadman, HDR UK Programme Director for Talent and Training
Our curriculum covers your needs:

The HDR UK Futures curriculum has been developed to address five key areas:

  • Access to health data and tools
  • Working with health data
  • Analysing health data
  • Patient and public involvement (PPIE)
  • Changing working practice.
Get more from HDR UK Futures:

HDR UK Futures will also host live events, including our successful annual Summer School, and will signpost high-quality health data science resources from organisations across the country.

Users can also join online communities, to network with colleagues and discuss issues of common interest.


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