National Core Studies (NCS) Gateway dashboard

Over the past few months, experts and key funders have identified a number of key areas where the UK must increase research scale to respond to near term strategic, policy and operational needs, and ultimately maintain resilience against Covid-19 through the winter and beyond.

These are the National Core Studies (NCS).

The National Core Studies programme is enabling the UK to use health data and research to inform both our near and long-term responses to COVID-19, as well as accelerating progress to establish a world-leading health data and research infrastructure for the future.

National Core Studies data sets
NCS datasets are datasets which have been prioritised by the NCS researchers as being critical to inform C-19 research. The Data and Connectivity NCS is working to make these datasets accessible to the research community and discoverable through the Innovation Gateway

Metadata quality score
The metadata quality score relates to the amount of information available about the dataset, and not to the quality of the actual datasets. Please click here for more information.

National Core Studies collections
NCS collections are a group of resarch projects, datasets, tools, people and publications related to a National Core Study research area.